Cliff Peskin

August 4, 2010

Even if you don’t follow the mobile gadget industry on sites such as BoyGeniusReport and Engadget, you still probably heard yesterday about the new Blackberry Torch.

For those out of the loop, a quick history about this device is that Blackbery over the past several years has ruled the smartphone landscape but is now under assault by competitors Apple with its iPhone and Google with its Android operating systems. Blackberry still leads Apple and Android in smartphone market share but its lead is dwindling.

The Blackberry Torch is what many analysts are calling RIM’s last chance at maintaining its place as the more popular smart phone. If the Blackberry Torch isn’t a smash hit, the iPhone and Android will surely overtake the Blackberry in sales.

As the Blackberry has been the de facto phone for real estate professionals over the last half decade there are surely real estate professionals across North America confused by the raging smart phone battle asking themselves whether they should trade in their outdated Blackberry for a kick ass Android or iPhone.

In my opinion, the answer to this question is yet to be determined but it will be answered on August 12, 2010 when the phone goes on sales and the reviews are written.

Only then will we know whether the Blackberry Torch is worthy of the title ‘de facto phone for real estate professionals’.

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