August 20, 2010

It’s almost the end of the week, time for something a little more light-hearted from the real estate world.

This story comes to us via the Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune:

“Adam Bunge, an attorney, and his wife, Sarah Bunge, a Lutheran pastor, put their Maple Grove home up for sale and headed off to London this year for a four-month “work holiday.” While they were gone, they allege in a lawsuit filed last week, their real estate agent used their house and possessions for “unauthorized sexual escapades,” [sexcapades?] staining their sheets, couch, carpet and other surfaces.”

The accused real estate agent, Steven Curtis Skar of Coldwell Banker Burnet was promptly fired after these accusations surfaced.

Sometimes you just wonder how people can get themselves into situations like this.

It must have been a slow day for news because the story goes on to detail a neighbour’s experience walking through the Bunge’s home after Mr. Skar had left.

The neighbour found a leather sofa, two chairs, two end tables, the sheets in the master bedroom and a stairway rug had been sullied after the wild night. An open bottle of lotion was found in the kitchen.

The real estate company spent $7,000 cleaning up the mess.

Skar maintains his innocence and has hired a lawyer, but let’s just hope by (allegedly) soiling the Bunge’s sofa, he hasn’t soiled the reputation of real estate agents as capable and responsible house-sitters.

The best part is the allegations are that Skar engaged in UNAUTHORIZED sexual escapades. As if there was ever a time when home owners would authorize a real estate agent to go wild in their homes while they were away.

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