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August 11th, 2010

A couple of weeks ago we ran a story about a proposed ‘5 Day Build‘ in which a housing developer would attempt to build a two storey, fully finished and landscaped house from top to bottom in just 5 days.

It got some great action on our blog so we thought we’d provide a little update.

Halminen Homes, a Durham based developer is now deep into the second day of their project and from what we’ve seen (we’ve been following their awesome blog intently) it looks like they’re going to pull it off!

The site itself is in Courtice which is just East of Oshawa and we’ve heard really positive things about the build so are planning to hop in the Buzz Mobile tomorrow evening and make the short trip to see for ourselves what’s going on.

The workers are on site 24 hours a day so we’re bound to see SOME action! Whatever time you’re reading this at – whether it be 12.07AM or otherwise, there’s a ton of workers who’ve probably been going all day and night to meet the deadline! And it’s all for charity which is the best part!

We urge you to check out their blog as it’s filled with really great content and gives a great insight into this charitable project.

Also, we hear that Breakfast Television are going to be there on Thursday morning to do some segments which might be a good time to visit!!!

The 5 Day Build also has a facebook and twitter account which provides up-to-date info for all you info-manicas out there. This is one project you’re going to want to follow, plus there’s only a couple of days left!

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