30 retail stores across Canada and the U.S. may be forced to close…

August 5, 2010

Alberta’s chocolate empire Bernard Callebaut was forced into receivership this week. The company’s 210 employees at 30 stores and a Calgary factory are now under the control of a court-appointed financial services firm.

Founder of the company, Bernard Callebaut, a fourth-generation chocolatier born in Belgium, opened his first store in Calgary in 1983 and now has operations in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Alberta as well as Oregon and Illinois in the US.

In an announcement to the media yesterday, Callebaut said the economy was to blame and became emotional while describing the day as a “funeral.”

“For 27 years we have lovingly devoted ourselves to offering Canadians with chocolate that they can proudly give to their families and friends, however as with many other businesses the downturn in the economy left us holding real estate purchased at a premium price, that is now valued at a very deflated price. This circumstance underpins our situation and is the impetus for this very difficult decision,” explained Callebaut.

According to the BernardCallebaut.com, all Callebaut stores will remain open for now.

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