August 14, 2010

In anticipation for a huge influx of tourists in London during the 2012 Summer Olympics, British officials have put together a guide book for their citizens, detailing how to treat tourists from nations around the world so you won’t offend them.

I learned a lot while reading through the guide. For instance, now I know never to throw something at a Japanese person and ask them to “catch” and I’ll be more patient when I’m waiting for a Russian to return my call.

However, I think I learned a lot about myself more than anything else.

According to the guide, Canadians are very informal in social situations and real sticklers for punctuality. We love the environment and abhor smoking indoors.

We’re also firm believers in the sanctity of the line-up, so don’t try and push your way to the front or you might incite a riot as the queuing Canadians fly into a blind rage.

Good to know the Brits are ensuring that London will feel just like home to any Canadians who make it across the pond for the 2012 Games.

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