Kiyoko Fujimura

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August 27, 2010

I don’t get the existence of white supremacists in Canada today. I really, really don’t. First, and most importantly, the whole idea of being racist is entirely repulsive. Second of all, who is blatantly racist anymore anyway? I mean, sure, sometimes you have to put up with some very uncomfortable comments that a 90-year-old makes, but for most non-geriatric people racism should really not be an issue anymore.

It seems that there are still some who have missed this point. In a recent real estate ad posted on a Calgary real estate site,, there were some pretty egregious comments made.

First, the ad stipulated that the home was for “white buyers only”. If that wasn’t bad enough, the seller went on to indicate that the home had “great white workmanship”. Uhh…right, because being white has anything to do with workmanship. Finally the poster said that the house sports a deck where the buyer wouldn’t have to “worry about coloured people peeking in.”

Okay…I don’t know about any of you. But I certainly don’t worry about people peeking into my home when I’m considering a purchase. And, furthermore, I really don’t care about what colour of person is peeking. I don’t want ANY peekers (ideally).

On top of it all, one very unlucky mortgage broker, Jackie Bugoros, had her ad beside the post. Her response?

According to the Toronto Star:

“I think they had a moral obligation to take it down as soon as they found out about it…Instead, they left it up and now I am being accused of being racist and I would never have had to endure any of this if they had taken it off right away.”

Wait…come again? They knew about the ad and still didn’t take it down? Why the hell not?

This story is confusing to me. Was the posting a joke to begin with? I mean, how many interested purchasers were they anticipating that would be worried about “coloured people peeking”? And if the website was alerted to the offensive, why wouldn’t they take it down immediately. Very confusing– and it seems the only one being aversely affected is the mortgage broker advertising on the site…that really blows.

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