Brian Maurice

Buzzbuzzhome Corp.
August 23, 2010

Here at BuzzBuzzHome we like to provide a lot of free stuff. Free listings for all new residential developments, free access for anyone to view our database, and, probably the most valuable for developers, we offer a free service for potential purchasers to contact builders directly.

We always thought that the latter of the three was particularly advantageous for developers. Turns out, we were wrong. Story time!

We had a potential purchaser request more information on a project in Brampton, Timberbank Manors [map] by Falconcrest Homes. We didn’t have an email address for the developer, as they don’t have one on the site (already a pretty bad sign considering the amount of business conducted online nowadays). But hey, some developers prefer the old-fashioned telephone method. So we called instead to get an email address. In our experience, most developers are chomping at the bit for the lead. But this case was special.

After explaining the site and the potential lead, the person I spoke with at head office was not interested in the purchaser. I decided to ask point blank at the end of the conversation: “So you’re not interested in this potential purchaser?” The answer I received was a simple “No.”

Huh? Come again? I thought housing sales were slowing a bit, but apparently developers can still afford to turn purchasers away. I guess that’s a…good sign? But WTF? Get it together, Falconcrest!

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