July 18, 2010

The final home of Marilyn Monroe is for sale, at the price of 3.6 million dollars.

Located in Brentwood, Los Angeles on 5th Helena Drive, this home has 4-bedrooms and 3-baths.

With the outrageous prices for Monroe memorabilia, this might be a prized a possession for any collector! Heck a dress of hers is listed on eBay for $200,000US!

According to the LA Times:

Built in 1929, the property, for which Monroe paid $75,000, featured lush gardens, a kidney-shaped pool, a small, detached guest house and a garage. Arched doorways, cathedral beamed ceilings and deep-sill Spanish windows with iron gratings completed the effect.

Monroe was taken with the house from her first visit, according to an account in “Cursum Perficio: Marilyn Monroe’s Brentwood Hacienda,” by Gary Vitacco-Robles.

Eunice Murray, who became the housekeeper, recalled that Monroe studied and memorized every detail, brick by brick. She liked the house’s simplicity, privacy and sturdy construction, and its lived-in aura.

Monroe would renovate the outmoded kitchen, installing a Hotpoint refrigerator (which Schreiner now owns) and yellow-and-blue tiles that framed the stove’s sides and continued along the wall to create a large splash board.

Monroe began making $320-a-month mortgage payments in March 1962. Five months later, the Los Angeles Times blared the headline: “Marilyn Monroe Found Dead. Sleeping Pill Overdose Blamed.”

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