Kiyoko Fujimura

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July 16, 2010

Though I don’t have any fancy statistics or figures to back this up, I get the feeling that Canada’s tourism industry is probably doing pretty well this year. Between the Olympics, our real estate boom which has encouraged international investors to check out properties here, and the G20, everyone’s talking about Canada (okay, not everyone…but more people!).

And, now, even more eyes are on Canada! Tweets related to enthusiastic travelers to Canada are being projected on eight-by-10 foot monitors built into storescapes in New York City, Chicago, and LA. This cool new advertising campaign was designed by DDB Canada for the Canadian Tourism Commission.

There are also teams close by, armed with Ipads, to help people interact with the walls. Sounds like the highest-tech campaign ever. Well, maybe not ever…but still! For all those that think Canada consists of an intricate series of igloos– think again!

And the campaign is really working.

According to the Toronto Star:

The number of people following the campaign, at @keep_exploring, has increased by 81 per cent, says Siobhan Chrétien, executive director of Americans marketing for the tourism commission. As well, 6,000 people have entered the commission’s contest.

Sounds like it’s effective to me. And how could it not be? It’s a wall, in the online sense, but actually a PHYSICAL wall that people can interact with. That’s so cool. People are so going to come to Canada.

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