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July 14, 2010

Toronto is always fighting the tendency to build out rather than up. That’s the problem with having an unlimited amount of space in any direction (as opposed to Manhattan where, well, it’s an island). But a new proposal for an ice rink plans to build up.

And it would be the first of its kind, in the whole entire WORLD! That’s right, turns out that stacking four ice rinks on top of each other hasn’t happened anywhere else. And it would be perfectly appropriate if the first one was in Canada where almost everyone plays a little hockey.

According to the Globe and Mail:
The new proposal features four NHL-style ice pads stacked atop each other like pancakes, a Zamboni for each level and three high-speed elevators with raised roofs to accommodate hockey sticks.
It will also house an indoor running track, pro shop, community rooms and maybe even a small restaurant.

Problem is, it’ll cost a pretty penny. There were other drafts for a stacked option at Commissioners Street and the Donn Roadway which were cancelled because they were prohibitively expensive.

It’d be neat! But I guess if it costs too much it’s probably not worth it. As nice as it is to do something first, it’s not like other countries didn’t have the technology, they just haven’t bothered. So maybe that says something.

Huh, it’s always interesting in a post when you start off with one opinion and end up with a different one. But, as it goes.

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