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July 22, 2010

Taxes suck, but we pay ’em to get some pretty cool stuff like public health care, parks, and police officers. But, when they come out of nowhere, and are due right away, that really sucks!

Maybe you took advantage of that home renovation tax credit and gave your home a makeover. Well, if you did, it could mean a big payment for you– but not necessarily now. It could be in three years!

And that’s what happened to Peter Labancz. He received three letters from the city for property taxes in arrears for 2008, 2009, and 2010 which amounted to $2,506.41. But it wasn’t the amount he objected to, it was the payment schedule.

According to the Star:

What shocked Labancz was that he had to pay the lump sum within a very narrow time frame: two installments in September and October.

Huh? That really sucks. And what’s more, his wife is PREGNANT in the photo the Star had. I mean, sure, the City of Toronto didn’t know that she was, but it just sprinkles on a bit of extra disdain for ’em, doesn’t it?

How did this come to be, you might ask. The Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) takes charge of assessing property values following new construction. But sometimes the don’t get around to checking for a really long time– up to three years.

What’s more, when Labancz asked for leniency on the payment schedule, he was turned down.

Damn. That blows.

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