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July 21st, 2010

After letting the world know what we thought the funniest and worst entries into Cityzen’s ‘Name Our Condo’ contest were, the BuzzBuzzHome team now presents to you what we think are the names with the most promise.

Hopefully come the end of the contest on August 20th, we’ll be seeing a fair few of our choices in the Top 10 to be decided on by a panel of judges.

So here we are – BuzzBuzzHome’s picks for the Top 10 entries for ‘Name Our Condo’ (in no particular order):
  • The Location – cool, edgy. Kind of like ‘The Situation’, except not really!
  • Backstage – being behind The Sony Centre, it makes sense. Plus it’s pretty cool.
  • The Muse – creative, inspiring, nice!
  • Corner View – On the corner of two great streets, plus it’s kind of catchy.
  • The Union House – Union Station is just around the corner so it seems like a good fit.
And of course, we think this goes without saying, but clearly the best name out of the over 1200 submitted so far, is The BuzzBuzz Tower!

What are your favourites?

Get voting! And if you haven’t entered a name yet, click here to do so.

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