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July 20th, 2010

Yesterday we did a piece on our favourite funny names that have been entered into Cityzen’s ‘Name Our Condo‘ contest that is running at the moment.

Today, the BuzzBuzzHome team scoured the 1,000+ names that have been submitted and we now present to you, our choice, for the top 10 WORST names, in no particular order (did they really think they had a chance of winning?!)
  • Buckingham Palace – we think there’s already a pretty well known building that has a similar name…
  • The Eiffel Condo – again, we’re not sure, but it rings a bell with another previously built structure.
  • miPad – As much as we enjoy and appreciate the iPad, we’re pretty sure this would fall under copyright infringement!
  • PopCan Towers – this guy says it looks like pop cans stacked on top of each other.
Think we’re being too harsh? Think that one or more of these names deserve to be in the Top 10 and are, in fact, pieces of genius that if left un-noticed and un-appreciated will be lost forever?

Or do you think that there are far worse ones that have been entered?

Let us know!

Check back tomorrow for our TOP 10 FAVOURITES which we think have the most potential!

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