July 31, 2010

Its Saturday morning and its hot and sunny in the city of Toronto.

Once again we’ve used the abracadabra of Woopra analytics to determine the 5 ‘most popular’ stories from BuzzBuzzHome’s Blog! over the past week.

Without further ado – they are:

We’re a little embarrassed by this one and there was even some editorial debate as to whether we should publish it. But, at the end of the day, it concerns Canadian real estate and we didn’t feel it was our place to censor the news.

This story is actually from July 23 but only began trending this week and has actually grabbed the second spot in this week’s readership.

A Vancouver residential condo developer is experimenting with some unique and fresh ideas, in order to bring affordable condos to downtown Vancouver.

Toronto’s new development frenzy continues with the announcement yesterday of a large three tower project, including a new Delta hotel, in the southcore financial district.

How do you quantify happiness?? We have no clue, but the researchers at the Gallup World Poll have surveyed thousands of people in 155 different countries, and measured their happiness.

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