July 19, 2010

Why pay for hefty hotel bills, when you can just swap your home!

Luxe Home Swap, a new website, allows people with high-end dwellings to swap accommodation with others all over the world.

According to their website:

“It’s for savvy people with homes they’re proud of in major cities and desirable locations – from San Francisco to Sydney, Vancouver to Verbier, Barbados to Bali, plus lots of other places you might never have thought of visiting…yet.”

A quick visit to their website, shows a pretty amazing 5-bedroom home in Muskoka as seen below (Ontario’s cottage country), that sleeps 10. The owners are looking to swap with people from Australia, Bali or France, but are happy to swamp anywhere cool.

Annual membership for Luxe Home Swap is £99 / $159 a year – less than the cost of a night in a hotel – and members can exchange as many times as they like.

Trust is a big part of the success of any home exchange, so make sure you email with the swapper and connect with them on some social media outlets. According to the website, “Find out all you need to know about swapping homes. Members can sometimes exchange 20-30 messages to confirm a swap and often a phone call can help too.”

Sounds cool!

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