July 27, 2010

Condo builders and developers could learn from the fashion-store Forever 21.

Stale and static billboards are boring, and Forever 21 is changing the game by adding interactive and creative elements that combine reality with advertising on their Time Square billboards.

As you will see below, at times the model on the billboard pulls out a camera and takes a picture of the busy street and then shows the image, and at other times she pulls out a frame of a person, and kisses them. As you can see, the campaign is drawing a serious crowd.

Times Square Billboard by Space150 from Cliff Kuang on Vimeo.

According to designboom:

…the new digital billboard features virtual models interacting with the crowd in a number of ways: a polaroid is taken of the street and instantly shown by the model to the crowd, an individual is picked up and turned into a frog by a kiss, while some are snuck under a hat or dropped into a shopping bag to get toted off the screen. for this to work, space150 required the use of high-tech surveillance equipment and computer vision technology. the software identifies and maps the people below which allows the computer to build a composite image of them in near real-time. this data is then used for the simulation with the virtual model as shown on the 61-foot screen. the computer also has the ability to pick out the yellow forever 21 shopping bags in a crowd. those who are standing below with the shopping bag are more likely to get picked up by the model.

other features of the project include ‘love tweets’, a live on-screen feed of twitter messages from fans that include the words ‘forever 21’ and ‘love’. below the billboard, the entrance of the store uses thermal imaging cameras to trigger paparazzi-like flashes when a customer walks through the door.

This type of technology and advertising can be taken further than just for the women’s fashion store. Think about the busy intersections where condos are being erected, and the amount of interaction that can be gained from the street by similar campaigns.

Builders and developers must continue to work on engaging the public, and drawing them into their campaigns.

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