July 20, 2010

By setting a goal and sticking to it, you can accomplish a lot in just five days.

Start a diet and lose seven pounds.

Go from being too shy to ask out that cute barista, to romancing her (or him) at that chic Italian restaurant on King St.

You can even get amazing 6 pack abs with a revolutionary new workout routine -at least according to this e-mail I was just sent.

These goals are all great, but Halminen Homes is setting a goal for the record books.

For this Durham region housing developer, five days is all you need to build a fully furnished and landscaped home.

For a task that normally takes at least 45 days, Halminen Homes has assembled a crew of 100 tradespeople who will work “24/5” to accomplish this seemingly impossible feat.

At 6am on August 9, the “5 Day Build” will commence, as the experienced crews of bricklayers, dry-wallers and landscapers show off their home-building prowess.

Crews will work around the clock to ensure that the home is completed by the afternoon of August 13.

Once completed, the home, valued at over $400 000, will be auctioned off with all the proceeds donated to help fund a new critical care unit at Bowmanville Memorial Hospital.

All the action will take place in scenic Courtice, a small town in the municipality of Clarington, about an hour East of Toronto. This event is worth the drive and Halminen Homes will accommodate anyone who is curious about the project with a refreshments table and bleachers set up at the construction site.

It will be like watching a hockey game, only everyone will be cheering for the same team (less fights and broken teeth too – err, maybe the 5-Day Build will have more fights and broken teeth).

Although 5 Day Build does not officially begin for another two and a half weeks, there’s still loads of ways to find out more about this project.

A blog has gone live to cover the build and provide background info on Halminen Homes and Bowmanville Memorial Hospital. Check it out for videos, interviews, photos and all things build-related.

For all you Twitter users out there, you can follow the project here to receive up to the minute news on its progress. If Facebook is your stalking tool of choice, become a fan of the build here!

It’s going to be an exciting few weeks! Please join us online and beginning August 9, at the Halminen Homes job-site so you don’t miss any of the action.

Visit the 5 Day Build’s official website.

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