July 27, 2010

Doesn’t “Lavender Hill Farm” sound like the most perfect name? With Mel Gibson listing his 5,000 square-foot home for $14.5 million, it must be a pretty spectacular area.

Although a name can be deceiving. While the home is listed for $14.5m, the home has been on the market for 87 days. Ouch!

Some specs on the home:

– nine-bedroom;
– 8.5-bathrooms;
– a pool;
– tennis court;
– three guest houses;
– two offices;
– a detached gym; and,
– some nice views from the private Malibu California grounds.

Like privacy? It is so private that no-one will even hear you scream. Yup. Rumour has it that it the sound-proofness of the house is tried, tested and true by Grumpy Mel himself. This is the house where he allegedly punched his ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva, and yelled uncontrollably into the phone that she deserved it.

Maybe it is not all Lavender after all.

Gibson seems to be on a selling spree, as he has been selling off his U.S. property over the last few years. According to the Associated Press, he recently sold his Greenwich, Conn. home, Old Mill Farm, for $24.5 million. The farm and its 16,000-square-foot Tudor mansion had been on the market since 2007, with an original asking price of $39.5 million. He bought the 1926 estate in 1994 for $9.3 million.

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