July 21, 2010

In the past two years, ponds, roads, parks and many other features were built to make the Estates of Credit Ridge by Cachet Homes [map] one of the most desirable communities in Brampton.

This preparation period came to an end last Saturday as Cachet Estate Homes hosted a groundbreaking ceremony and signalled construction crews to begin work on the project.

All the beautiful features created in the two year prep period are quite the sight but of course, it’s the homes that are the main attraction.

The Estates of Credit Ridge will boast finished full height basements, open plan kitchens and family rooms as well as three diverse choices of exterior style.

A move to the Peel region ‘burbs just got a lot more tempting.

City dwellers who are lucky enough to have backyards are grateful for the lot they’ve got, no matter how cramped or dingy it is. There’s simply no space to expand. But it’s tough to have friends over for a summer cookout when the barbeque takes up most of the space in the backyard.

Claustrophobia sets in after a few minutes.

Sounds like space will not be an problem for Estates of Credit Ridge’s residents. If the thought of backyard cookouts on a 400-square-foot cedar patio deck complete with patio furniture doesn’t get your mouth watering, the outdoor fireplace certainly will.

Representatives from Cachet Estate Homes joined by Brampton City
Councillors at Saturday’s Groundbreaking

An economy still in the early stages of recovery didn’t seem to faze the Estates of Credit Ridge’s eager future residents. In the pre-sale stage, 75 of the 115 homes were sold.

Now, I had to repeat grade 10 math class (there, my terrible secret is out) but I think that means there’s only 40 homes left on the market. These homes are also selling like hot cakes!

So if you want a chance at living in one of these meticulously crafted beauties in a great new community, stop wasting time on Facebook and get over to the Estates of Credit Ridge’s website for more info and some stunning photos of the model home.

The model home and presentation centre are now open. Look for signs on the east side of Mississauga Rd, 1 km north of Queen St. For more information call Cachet Estate Homes at 416-441-3434 or follow this link to visit their official website.

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