Matthew Slutsky
July 20, 2010 said that a new milestone has been reached; over the past three months they have sold more e-books than hardbacks. Impressive.

Real-estate brochures are big business, from the design shops to the printers, but I imagine that over the next few months and years we are going to see more and more real-estate brochures made available for such mobile devices as the iPad.

When I walk into a sales centre, or an open house, I am normally greeted with a glossy printed brochure with some static “feel good” pictures. Bah! Enough already! Be prepared, as now you are going to be handed a digitally interactive version of the product for you to explore at your leisure. They should also bounce you a link to look at home, too. Sold. Glossy print? Dead.

Personally, I would rather be sent an email with all of the brochure information, than wasting a few trees on a glossy brochure that will surely end up in the garbage and not answer any of my questions.

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