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July 29, 2010

Depending on where you put the decimal place 1250 can mean very different things. $12.50 can buy you a mediocre bottle of wine and $125.00 can buy you a pretty decent seat at most concerts. But, move that decimal place one more place over, and you get the number of units approved for a project in Burnaby– 1,250. And that’s a lot.

They’re going in at UniverCity at Simon Fraser. And the population in the area now sits at 3,000. So this is going to be a HUGE increase. It’s expected to increase to 10,000! So how will Burnaby cope with such an influx and why did they decide to approve such a massive project?

According to the Vancouver Sun, Robert Renger, Burnaby’s senior current planner, said:

“First of all, we get all the infrastructure provided for to support all those parcels in one go…And this basically sets the stage for individual developers to come in and move very quickly to build as market conditions allow…The other part is that there is effort going into making this community not just dependent on single cars.”

Sounds ambitious! But, it is projected to take 10 years for the units to be fully absorbed by the community. The one caveat of the approval is that the buildings have to be 30% more efficient than standard construction. And there’s even going to be a child care centre that actually produces more energy than it uses. Cool.

The first buildings coming to UniverCity in this third phase will be Origin by Porte Development [map] and Mosaic at UniverCity by Mosaic Homes [map]. Check ’em out! With beautiful views overlooking Metro Vancouver, they’re sure to please.

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