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July 5, 2010

Maybe some of you have noticed, maybe you haven’t. But if you’re interested in interior design or, heck, if you just want some tips so that people don’t have to smile politely when you show them your recently chosen wallpaper covered in pastel coloured flowers, then you should check Carmen’s Corner out! It gives plenty of helpful hints on how to improve your decor.

But we thought her most recent post deserved a bit more attention because it’s highly related to what we do here at Buzzbuzzhome.

The question Carmen poses is: The Condo Bathroom- To Upgrade or not to Upgrade?

She warns that while updating an existing bathroom in a house has an estimated payback of 92%, renovating a condo bathroom doesn’t have such a solid reputation. In fact, bathroom renovations can actually decrease the value of your condo. So how do you…not do that?

Among Carmen’s list of do’s include Retro style, integrated glass sinks and countertops, glass mosaics, softer basin shapes for your sink, round glass mosaics etc.

But for more you should check out Carmen’s post “THE CONDO BATHROOM- TO UPGRADE OR NOT TO UPGRADE?

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