July 22, 2010

88 year old Canadian billionaire architect and developer David Azrieli is more confident in the Isaeli economy than that of Canada and the United States. Wowzers.

In an article with the Montreal Gazette he says, “If you compare the economy of Israel with the economy of the United States or Canada, you’ll see that the Israeli economy is more vibrant. It withstands better the shocks of the collapse of the banks and the other problems in 2008. It’s still growing at a better rate than most of the Western countries, even Canada.”

Azrieli is currently working on multiple building projects in Israel and his Azrieli Group Ltd., the largest mall holding group in Israel, recently raised about $670 million in the largest ever IPO of a private company on the Tel Aviv stock exchange.

On the topic of Canada condos, Azrieli told the Gazette that Montreal’s future millionaires are the ones building inexpensive condos in the $250,000 range.

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