July 13, 2010

In 2008, in the biannual survey by Jones Lang LaSalle Global Transparency index, Canada ranked as having the most transparent real-estate market.

However, according to the 2010 Jones Lang LaSalle Global Transparency index which surveyed 81 countries, Australia came in first place.


The Global Transparency index measures countries’ legal and regulatory environments, market strength and real estate debt transparency, and a bunch of other metrics.

“Canada differentiates itself on having a combination of a sound banking system, well-developed commercial real estate lending standards and stable property markets with relatively low vacancy and rental volatility,” the report states.

Canada and the United States were the only two countries in the Americas to get a “highly transparent” ranking. US came in sixth place, with Chile (the next closest) placing 34th (“semi-transparent”).

The semi-transparent category also included Mexico, Argentina, Costa Rica and Brazil.

Algeria came in last place, which was one of three countries labelled “opaque.” Other opaque counties include Syria and Sudan.

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