July 8, 2010

What is going on in Calgary! For the second time this year a new condo developer is running a controversial ad using somewhat demeaning sexual connotations to move units.

Real estate development firm ProCura is running a giant billboard ad featuring a long legged lady in a short skirt and black high heels with the caption “Look up… Way up!”.

This is just several months after Calgarian developer Point of View Developments had to apologize for its ‘sexist’ ad placed in men’s bathroom stalls with the slogan “A $20,000 down payment is as easy as a 25-year-old scotch, or a 25-year-old blonde on a 25-year-old scotch. Get on it.”

The recent controversial ad by developer ProCura promotes The Montana, a 27-storey condo at 803 15th Ave. S.W., just off the popular 17th Avenue strip.

Ironically, Procura recently restored the home of an early 20th century suffragette to use as the the condo’s presentation center. After sales, ProCura will turn the sales center into a community centre for women’s groups and a museum for the Famous 5 Foundation – a group of Alberta women who fought against the status quo.

The question now is will there be enough of an uproar to force the developer to remove the ads. Regardless, due to media exposure, half of Calgary has now seen the ad.

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