June 28, 2010

When you plan your vacation, what type of tourist-spots do you plan on touring? The big crowd pleasers, or the hidden gems?

In Vancouver, it seems that wealthy Chinese tourists are planning their trips around the quality of education, quality of life and the stability of Canadian society. Interesting.

According to the Ming Pao Daily News, a SouFun spokesman says that potential purchasers are most interested in the neighbourhoods with “famous” schools or ocean views.

SouFun organizes two tours, with groups of roughly 20 people from Beijing and Shanghai. The trips will visit Vancouver and Toronto in August, with the main aim of searching for “million-dollar or multi-million-dollar” homes.

Vancouver might have the highest home prices in the country, but the prices are peanuts compared to Beijing and Shanghai prices. Oh yeah, let us not forget the draw of Canada’s stable market, high quality of education, and world-renowned quality of life.

According to the Vancouver Sun:

“Vincent Chen, a representative for the Chinese immigration consulting firm Visas Consulting Group, said Canada is presently the most popular destination for Mainland Chinese using his firm. They are attracted by its quality of education, quality of life, the safety and stability of Canadian society and its “attractive investor immigrant program.””

And what about the pre-construction condominium market? Again, according to the Vancouver Sun:

“George Wong, principal of Magnum Projects, the marketing firm selling River Green, said that some 60 per cent of the first 150 pre-sales his company has made in the project were to Asian buyers, including newly arrived Mainland Chinese.”

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