June 11, 2010

Two years ago, Joshua Lall, 34, fatally stabbed his wife, two young daughters, and a tenant inside their house on Dalhar Hill N.W. He then commit suicide.

It was the scene of one of Calgary’s most horrific mass murders. The home where it took place is now for sale, listed at $460,000.

Innitially, some suggested that the home be knocked down and converted into a memorial park. Other neighbors said they would just prefer someone to move in to help put what happened behind them.

Details of the home sale are court protected but CTV News says a public trustee is involved and they are appointed in cases to protect vulnerable Albertans.

Joshua, studying to become a professional architect, harboured a mental illness, which is thought by police to have been the driving force behind the murders. A few days before the event, he had told his father of a mental breakdown he was having. The only survivor of the crime was Lall’s youngest daughter who was one-year-old at the time of the murders.

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