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June 7th, 2010

We’re all taught at a young age how to share our toys with others. Those of you with siblings know especially what we’re talking about!

Well, Minto 775 [map] is taking the whole ‘sharing’ thing to a new level as part of their green initiative.

With bike share and car share programs available for all residents at
minto775, the hope is that there will be a big uptake on the sharing schemes in order to lessen the impact on the environment.

The people over at Minto are confident that this will be a keeper, and as such want to make the same programs available in all future condos.

“Bike share has been very well received – so well, in fact, that we are introducing the program for every condominium we build from now on.” says Andrew Pride, Vice President of Minto’s Green Team.

The car share program will be featuring hybrid vehicles, in an attempt to be as green as possible.

In addition to the bike and car share program there will be a few different modifications to the suites in order to make them ‘greener’.

‘All off switches’ will be located in suites so you can turn off all permanent lighting, ‘green plugs’ and exhaust fans quickly and easily. There will also be motion control lighting in their parking garage, stairwells and other places throughout the building.

In the spirit of working together and sharing there will also be a Green Committee comprised of Minto staff members and residents in order to come up with new ideas to be green.

A minimum of 50% of their roof will also be a green roof, incorporating native and adaptive species increasing the environmental benefit of their outdoor shared space. They’re really going from top to bottom with this!

Hopefully everyone else is as good at sharing as Minto is!

For more information on
minto 775 check out their website

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