June 16, 2010

Real estate is full of marketing garbage.

From agents to land developers, there is a lot of useless marketing noise out there.

How many times can I see a “lifestyle” picture in a new-residential-development advert? How many times can I see a picture of an agent on a bus stop with a cheesy saying?

Do you really think the saying “Helping You Find the Right Home” will make you stick out from the crowd?

Your website can speak to your quality and inform the public, but your advertising techniques must make you stick out from the crowd, and draw people into your information centres, such as your website in order to build the trust required for a buyer to pick up the phone and call you or head over to your sales centre.

Check out the incredible marketing video below for Toyota’s Sienna. Nope, nothing to do with real estate, but it also doesn’t have much to do with the physical qualities of the car (such as safety, size, and miles-per gallon). But, it had enough of a draw to get over 3,500,000 viewers and to interest me enough to check out their website.

So… Be creative. Make some noise. Make people laugh so hard they cry. Make people realize that you are the best agent out there. Create the vibe that you are the coolest new condo or house around.

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