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June 24,2010

Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC has re-designed their US website and the new look and functionality is sharp.

The first thing that caught my eye when logging on to the new site is that it identified me as being in Canada and offered to show me homes in Toronto, ON. That’s a great feature, especially for those of us in Canada who think US real estate websites couldn’t care less about us.

According to a June 23 press release by Coldwell, the site has been in beta testing since December 2009 and offers site features and optimizations that completely alter and enhance the experience of searching for a home online.

“The Internet is often the first stop for potential home buyers and sellers, so it is our goal to make the online home-searching process as enjoyable and efficient as possible,” said Michael Fischer, chief marketing officer for Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. “For the new we looked at search functionality across various websites including, retail and music and continuously asked ourselves, ‘Why not in real estate?’ As a result, we have created exciting new ways to search for homes and real estate agents.”

Two cool features that the Coldwell site includes are:

BlueScape Search

This may be a bit of a wonky feature but BlueScrape presents users with abstract images that they rate with a thumbs up or thumbs down and then the site uses these learned preferences to suggest home matches. For instance, if user gives a thumbs down to taxi cabs and a thumbs up to a surf board it may suggest homes in California over Manhattan.

Expansive Use of Video

Taking advantage of the popularity of Coldwell Banker On Location, the brand’s YouTube channel which has had more than 13,000 videos posted by agents and 1.3 million video views in a bit more than one year, the new site integrates video into real estate search.

Development of the new site was a collaborative effort by Coldwell Banker interactive agency partners, FD Kinesis and Bootstrap Software, Inc.

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