Cliff Peskin


June 10, 2010

Undisclosed foreign developers are asking the city of Vancouver to give them permission for an extra six storeys of condos or they will cut down the tallest tulip tree in the region. The tree is located at 1245 Harwood St, smack in the middle of the planned development.

According to the Vancouver Sun the proposed compensation package (permission for six additional storeys) to save the tree is worth about $15 million of additional condo sales for the developer.

However, the project’s architect says that should the city agree to the ‘save the tree’ plan, the developer will not profit from the deal because all additional revenue will be spent creating a complex building design to save the tree.

Unfortunately, even if Vancouver and the developer agree to save the tree, it may still die as 40% of its roots are within a neighbour’s property who is also planning development.

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