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June 25, 2010

With G20 protests already taking place, a lot of us are thinking what exactly are people protesting?!?!

The beauty of the G20 summit, is that because all the leaders are there you can essentially protest anything you want. From third world labour to human rights to the international monetary system, there’s a plethora of causes to choose from.

But here’s a few you may have forgotten about. From 7th being the least important here’s the (admittedly inexhaustive) list:

7. Reality Television: When Survivor first came out, I remember thinking it was an awesome concept. Real people dealing with a TV situation — amazing! But I think we’ve all had enough now. Seriously.

6. Where are our jetpacks? We all saw someone using a jet pack at the Olympic games in LA in 1984, where are our jetpacks? I want one!!

5. Colonizing the moon: Sure, we want to save Earth and stuff, but we’ve got a perfectly good moon going to waste. People should be living there, or at least vacationing there.

4. Resolving who REALLY owns the North Pole: Ever since they found oil there, people have actually started caring about who owns the North Pole. I’ve always learned that Canada owns everything north of the 49th parallel, but Russia planted a flag underneath the Pole. So who owns it?

3. Down with Microsoft: Sure, Bill Gates might no longer be the richest man in the world (he is now outdone by a crazy business tycoon in Mexico), but still. We’re all stuck using crappy operating systems created by this guy. We need to take a stand.

2. Facebook privacy: Okay, so we definitely voluntarily provide Facebook with more information on ourselves than we should, but even when you “get rid” of your account you can always get it back with your entire profile intact. That has to stop.

And finally, coming in at Number 1…

1. Protesting the protest: Most of all, I’d like to protest the protest. I mean, Toronto is essentially being shut down so that 20 guys can sit in a room and discuss some very important issues. Haven’t they heard of Skype? Sure, sometimes there’s a bit too much echo, but with international calls costing 1.7 cents per minute, they would take a while to eat through the $1 billion spent on security. And Toronto wouldn’t be shut down.

So there you have it! If you were thinking of checking out the protest, but didn’t know what to put on your sign, then there’s a few ideas! After all, it’s a very post-modern approach to protesting. Friends of mine went to the war against Afghanistan protest with signs reading “Down with small dogs”. Heh, I’m glad we live in a country where the masses can mobilize– no matter how silly the cause.

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