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June 16, 2010

There’s lots of new construction development happening in Canada. In fact, there is more new highrise construction in Toronto than in any city in all of North America – that includes New York, Miami, Vegas, etc.

So, besides Toronto, where else in Canada is all this new residential construction taking place? Well, with a little bit of patience and lots of help from BuzzBuzzHome provided data, I’ve put together the following list:

The 7 Canadian cities with the most multi-family residential construction projects in the country (Project statuses include pre-construction, under-construction, and just just just completed)….

7. Mississauga, Ontario – 32 new construction projects
Just making the cut with an impressive 32 new construction residential projects is Mississauga, Ontario.

6. Markham, Ontario – 33 new construction projects
Coming in at number 6 and just beating out Mississauga is Ontario’s city/town of Markham, with a surprising 33 new development projects in the works.

5. Brampton, Ontario34 new construction projects
Setting up shop in the fifth slot is Ontario’s city of Brampton with an estimated 34 new residential projects in the oven or ready for occupancy.

4. Surrey, British Columbia48 new construction projects
Breaking Ontario’s streak is British Columbia’s city of Surrey with approximately 48 new residential projects.

and the big hitters…

3. Vancouver, British Columbia109 new construction projects
In third place, with a solid 109 projects, is real estate crazy Vancouver, British Columbia.

2. Calgary, Alberta – 117 new construction projects
It’s Calgary’s time to shine and they’re rising to the occasion with 117 new development projects.

1. Toronto, Ontario – 281 new construction projects
And, far outbuilding every other city on the continent is bad boy Toronto with a staggering 281 new residential construction projects…whoa Charlie.

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