Cliff Peskin
June 3, 2010

According to new home builder Zancor Homes, 3D modeling software will transform the way buyers purchase new homes. The Toronto Star reports that Zancor Homes is the first in the GTA to use Visual Insight software enabling purchasers to view an entire three dimensional exterior and interior walkthrough of a home before they buy.

Three dimensional layouts of planned new homes and renovations have existed for many years and so it seems strange that they are not an already standard feature for purchasers. It seems likely that in the very near future checking 3D models of your home before buying will be the norm.

There are several Canadian companies looking to capitalize on the trend. vTrend Marketing Technologies Ltd. is an Ontario based company specializing in 3D marketing of new homes. vTrend worked with Zancor to model their King’s Ridge development in King City providing purchasers with 3D interactive renderings

Markham based Adhoc Integrated Marketing Communications is another Canadian company specializing in new development marketing using 3D Renderings. According to Adhoc’s Tim Ng, “3D renderings have become a critical and essential feature in the marketing of new home developments.”

Tim explains that at first it was mainly large highrise projects investing in 3D presentations but as costs come down and purchaser expectations increase, low rise builders are employing the technology as well. Adhoc is working on several development projects in which they provide complete three dimensional models of soon-to-be built homes for presentation to purchasers.

The cost of generating these 3D models is still high and so we’re not yet at the stage where every unit/house in a particular project is digitally modeled. Instead, builders pick a few select units for digitization and these act as a virtual showroom for the development. It can’t be long before purchasers expect nothing less than a near perfect 3D rendering of any new home they’re considering purchasing. The question then becomes how long till we get real Avatar like 3D home renderings that require special glasses?

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