May 26, 2010

Congratulations to Vancouver! You are now ranked as the fourth-best city in the world to live in!

Vancouver’s high ranking, Ottawa at No. 14, Toronto, 16, and Montreal at 21 place ranking is according to the 2010 Quality of Living Survey, performed by British consultancy firm Mercer.

Best city? Vienna

Worst city? War-torn Baghdad

According to The Province:

“For its annual survey, Mercer assessed the quality of living in 221 cities worldwide, measuring them against New York with an index score of 100 points as the base city.

Vienna, which also took the No. 1 spot last year, scored a total 108.6 points, while Baghdad scored the lowest with just 14.7 points.

European cities continued to dominate the top 25 cities in the survey, Mercer said, while Canadian cities also had a strong showing.”

Highest ranking in the US? Honolulu in 31st place. San Francisco took 32nd.

Yes! There were also eco-awards based on water availability and drinkability, waste removal, quality of sewage systems, air pollution and traffic congestion. Calgary topped this list! Woot Woot! Honolulu took second place and Ottawa and Helsinki in joint third place.

Yikes! Port-au-Prince in Haiti ranked at the bottom of the eco-rankings.

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