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May 6, 2010

Pugs. It’s an interesting name, don’t you think? What it brings to mind for me is a cute dog that’s only cute because of how ugly it is. And I mean, Toronto has some nice buildings for sure…but we’re not known for architecture.

The goal of the PUG awards is to

…determine whether a building’s architecture raises or lowers the profile of the street and/or the immediate area.

Hmmm…seems purposefully vague to me! And they should be! After all, these are the people’s choice awards. But they do have a few guidelines for people to consider including:
  1. Design details: does the building have details that make it stand out from the crowd of buildings being thrown up?
  2. Exterior details: what materials were used and are they just trendy or are they truly complimentary of the building’s design and surroundings?
  3. Context: the building should fit its surroundings while remaining a bold statement in architecture.
For that last point, context, there are a few sub-points they ask you to consider: does the building reinterpret existing styles? Does the building encourage us to interact with it? Does it incorporate exterior landscaping that compliments the overall vision? Does it use materials in an innovative way (either by using unusual materials or by using common materials in a new way)? Does it use new breakthroughs to improve the efficiency of the building? Does the building hold one’s interest in the day and at night?

Phew. Okay, so once you’ve taken all those qualifications under consideration…go ahead and vote! I mean, you’re a person and it is the people’s choice awards.

Here are some of the contenders for the residential category:
  1. London on the Esplanade
  2. Glas Condominiums
  3. Madison Avenue Lofts
  4. Twenty Gothic
  5. Rouge Bijou
To see a full list of the contenders, you can visit the PUG Awards site here.

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