Matthew Slutsky
May 11, 2010

#REBCTO – that is the Twitter hashtag for the event. If you have no clue what a hashtag is, then you really should have been at the first Toronto Real-Estate Bar Camp!

First off, before I say anything about the event, I want to tip my hat to two amazing people who made the event possible. Richard Silver and Evan Sage. Bravo. Terrific job! And, thanks to Virginia Munden for that steller picture of me!

In a nutshell, a Bar-Camp is a “meeting of the minds” in an un-conference format, where a group of people from an industry (in this case 400ish people in real-estate) meet, and discuss ANYTHING they want in “break-out” sessions. They are happening all across North America… check out the main homepage here.

According to the ReBarTO website:

“Each REBarCamp tends to have their own personality because the day is determined by the attendees–you suggest topics that you would like to learn more about.”

So cool. In addition to the organizers, a special shout out to all the facilitators.. Check them out below, and please check out their websites:

Matthew Slutsky (aka @buzzbuzzhomes and @islutsky) yes, me!
Karim Kanji – (aka @realcash)
Dustin Luther (aka @tyr)
Benjamin Bach (aka @benjaminbach)
Gahlord Dewald (aka @GahLord)
Saul Colt (aka @SaulColt)
George O’Neill (aka @GeorgeONeill)
Thad Wong (aka @ThadWong)
Jim Cronin (aka @RETomato)
Doug Devitre (aka @DougDevitre)
Bernice Ross (aka @BRoss)
Bill Lublin (aka @billlublin)
Trevor Joyce (aka @Trevor_Joyce)
Tim Syrianos (aka @TimSyranos)
Barry Lebow
Michael “that interview guy” Krisa
Kathy Hogeveen (aka @TouchMrktg)
Craig Donato
David Pylyp (aka @davidpylyp)
Shannon King (aka @shannonwking)

Sorry if I missed anyone. And, if you are one of the above, and I don’t know your website-address or Twitter name, please drop me a line..

As mentioned above, I facilitated one session, dealing specifically with social-media and marketing in the new economy. We had an excellent discussion, where people spoke about their experiences with online media… what worked and what didn’t work. Check out below for my Top 5 Lessons that should have been taken from the breakout…

1. Plan your social-media attack…. don’t just start a Twitter account, and expect to make sales and get leads. Twitter (and social media) is just one tool in your marketing toolbox; have a strategy!

2. Content is king! Keep it short (unlike this posting). Keep it relevant to TODAY. Stay on topic. If you are finding that you are NOT engaging people online, it is probably because your content is NOT engaging. Simply.

3. The user-interface is of utmost importance. If people don’t know how to use your website, they will leave. If it is not obvious how to post a comment (such as with our current website), then people will not comment.

4. Get involved in social-media. If you are going to start an account, and disappear for 6 months, you will lose all street credit. If you spend no time in social media, you will see no return. Pretty simple.

5. Learn about SEO. Stay on top of the trends. But, create a personality that people like and engage with, and people will come!

There were about 20 other ideas from our session, but I didn’t write any of them down. I guess I should have written this post a few days ago, but if you were the session and have any great points, please feel free to comment to this post (if you can figure out how to comment on BuzzBuzzHome’s Blog)!

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