Cliff Peskin


May 21, 2010

Experian Hitwise tracks what people are doing on the internet. Wikipedia describes the company as a global online competitive intelligence service which collects data directly from ISP networks to aid website managers in analyzing trends in visitor behavior and to measure website market share.

The following report from Hitwise lists the most visited real estate websites in Canada for the second week of May 2010. The stats are a little surprising but considering Hitwise was acquired in 2007 for $240m and these sorts of analytics are their specialty, the list is worth noting.


1. Realtor Canada 29.46% First place – sounds about right

2. RE/MAX Quebec 3.27% Quebec?

3. 3.26% Never heard of this site before

4. Point2 Homes 2.35% Never heard of this one either but looks cool

5. Century 21 Canada Real Estate 24,946 properties on newly designed map interface – nice

6. Royal LePage 2.00% no comment

7. REALTOR Link 1.85% Some sort of login to something

8. homeTrader 1.80% no comment

9. 1.74% needs a revamp

10. Property Guys 1.72% ah oh realtors

11. RE/MAX Canada 1.42% no comment

12. GeoWarehouse 1.40% Competition Bureau should set their sites on this company and their monopoly on what should be public data – in my opinion
13. Reseau immobilier La Capitale 1.37% Another Quebec one?

14. Sutton Quebec 1.36% and another?

15. Maison & Immobilier 1.27% ??

16. 1.19% no comment

17. 1.01% no comment

18. My Visual Listings 0.99% i thought everyone used Obeo

19. ZipRealty 0.97 Don’t know how this made it into the Canada list – must be Canadians searching US properties

20. 0.95%

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