May 20, 2010

Canada Realtors are under attack. Their business model faces erosion and the assault is coming from all sides.

On the PR front, the reputation of CREA’s 98,000 members is being ‘tarnished’ in the media by allegations of anti-competitve behaviour. On the legal front, realtors face new laws that threaten their monopoly by opening up the MLS to greater access. And, on the technology/internet front, realtors face the proliferation of the ‘private seller’.

According to the Globe and Mail, Private sellers are shaking up the real estate industry and realtors are ratcheting up the rhetoric to protect their turf. As new internet tools enable private sellers to market and research properties more effectively, Canadian realtors have launched a campaign coast to coast to discourage do-it-yourselfers and position themselves as the only smart way to sell a home.

The realtor campaign consists of tv ads showing all the things agents do to help and goes as far as ‘scary letters’ in Nova Scotia to private sellers making sure they understand the hazards of going it alone.

Check out the full Globe and Mail article by Steve Ladurantaye explaining the situation here.

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