May 3, 2010

Do you have a great real estate agent? Probably doesn’t matter.

Did your “register” hoping to get ahead of the public? Hmmm… probably doesn’t matter.

Are you a “VIP”? Still… chances are that it does not matter!

According to an article by Tony Wong, in, Number One Bloor [map] is 75 per cent sold out.

Wong states: “In the next few weeks developer David Gerofsky plans to open sales of his Toronto condominium project to the general public. The problem is, he’s already sold 75 per cent of the building’s 616 suites.”

The developer, Great Gulf Homes, started sales with former purchasers of Bazis’s One Bloor, then went to a select few high-profile agents, and lastly is going to the public in a few weeks.

Were you one of the lucky first 75%? If so, looks like that $700 per square foot price tag is now up to $800 per square foot. Nice one! Lets hope you are an end user, as rents will have to be pretty darn high to float this investment. Let us also hope that once complete, and the hype dies down, the market will bear this price tag.

Number One Bloor is claimed to be the “Best Intersection in Canada”… Hmmmm.. I am not too sure about that…. what do you think is the best intersection?

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