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May 17th, 2010

What do you do with your old furniture when you move into a new place? Send it to a landfill? Leave it out on the pavement until it goes away? Try to sell it?

How about when you just buy a new set of furniture – what do you do with your old set?

What if we told you that your old furniture could help improve a life?

Furniture Bank has been helping to change lives and improve the community in the Greater Toronto area since 1998. Working with programs administered by the City of Toronto and a number of shelter and agencies in the GTA, it is a unique organization that has helped families escape homelessness while providing hope and dignity to people in their time of need.

Thanks to generous donations of gently used furniture, Furniture Bank is able to help good people who find themselves in bad situations to re-establish a home.

In 2009 they helped 2,048 families furnish their homes. That was a 34% increase over 2008. In total they touched the lives of close to 4,200 people, of which 1300 were children. They’re goal in 2010 is to outfit more than 2400 families – AT NO CHARGE!

Last year, they diverted more than 1,100 metric tonnes of solid waste from landfill sites and their team of over 80 volunteers helped produce 842 cushions, 332 pillows, 77 pairs of curtains, 50 bedspreads, 24 lampshades and 93 re-upholstered chairs all out of material that would likely have made its way to a landfill. Pretty impressive stuff!

You can help in the following ways by:
  • Making a financial donation or organize a fundraiser that benefits Furniture Bank.
  • Donating gently used furniture and household items. You can drop it off at their 11 Peel Avenue location (east side entrance) or, call at 416-934-1229 and inquire about their pickup service.
  • Volunteering and helping to make a difference in a family’s life.
It really is a great initiative and one that is so easy to make a difference with. So for all of you people upgrading your furniture out there, or know of people who are, then please give the Furniture Bank a call and help improve someone’s life.

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