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May 27th, 2010

2002 was a pretty busy year. East Timor gained its independence from Indonesia. The first ‘official’ Mozilla program was launched. The Enron scandal hit full swing. Canada beat the USA in the Olympic hockey finals.

Lots of stuff happening!

2002 was also a busy time for the King West area, with Canderel Stoneridge entering the area with its DNA 1 and DNA 2 projects, and now they are taking it to the next level with their latest project, DNA 3 [map].

It’s hard to think now, but back then, King West was a barren wasteland. There was nothing happening there. Now look at it – it’s part of the most in-demand condo area in the city, and is a vibrant urban neighbourhood.

We’re told that the registrants for DNA 3 are coming from all over Ontario – Whitby, Oshawa, Ajax, Markham et al. It’s not just the downtown crowd that wants to live here, it’s everyone!

Canderel Stoneridge can take part of the kudos for this. They targeted the 25-40 demographic with these projects and saw before anyone else the potential the neighbourhood had, and my it has worked out well for them!

Originally priced at $300 a sq. ft., the resale values on units in DNA 1 and 2 are now in the $550 – $580 a sq.ft. range. That’s almost double.

This is something that Canderel Stoneridge incorporates into their projects and DNA 3 is no different- value for what you get. They want to make sure that if you sell your condo somewhere down the line, you’re going to make money off of it.

This also ties into their desire to build a brand, to build relationships. DNA is a brand, and DNA 3 is the latest release, and as with all latest releases, it’s taking things to the next level (and beyond)!

After meeting with Canderel Stoneridge this week, seeing some renderings and getting info on the amenities and plans for the site, we are VERY excited!!

There’s a TON of cool and innovative aspects to this project that we’re dying to tell you about, but you’re going to have to check back over the next few days to get all the juicy info – come on, you didn’t think we’d let you in on everything NOW did you?!!

DNA 3 is in pre-construction and is accepting registrants – visit here to register. Stay tuned to BuzzBuzzHome – we’ll be posting updates on DNA 3 over the coming days and weeks!

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