Kiyoko Fujimura

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May 12, 2010

Realtors believe that the Competition Bureau’s attempts to level the playing field in the real estate industry will reduce customer service standards.

According to an online poll of 1,726 realtors, a vast majority of real estate professionals– 86 per cent — said they were “concerned that the push to foster increased competition in the industry will result in lower customer service standards.” The Star

And it’s no wonder! Of course realtors think their service is valuable and will deteriorate if they’re forced to increase competitiveness. I mean, any commissions they are earning over what is deemed “fair” by the Competition Bureau are going to disappear. So, to make up for lost income, they will likely take on more listings which will decrease the amount of time spent on each individual client. Besides, realtors already think the industry is competitive enough with 76% of them rating the industry as “highly competitive.”

But I mean, I know I’m not the only one who’s thinking this, obviously they have an inherent bias. After all, they’re agents. And what the Competition Bureau is essentially trying to do is make sure consumers get to choose which services they want to purchase. That will mean convincing the seller that they need all their services. Right now, it comes as a packaged deal.

So consumers are applauding what the Competition Bureau is doing, but realtors are really in a huff about it. Are realtors right…are consumers just being shortsighted? Or are agents just whining about having the prove the value of their service? Only time will tell…

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