May 6, 2010

Downtown living, low maintenance, affordability, investment opportunity – Canadians have a crush on condos, says new TD Condo Poll.

Check out the following poll results by city:

In Toronto, 63 per cent of people surveyed would still choose a condo even if they had more money. More than one-third of Torontonians thinking about buying a condo would consider raising a family in one (36%).

40% of condo buyers in Calgary are purchasing as an investment property. A greater percentage of Calgarians view condos as an investment property than other Canadians. Calgarians are also most likely in the country to think that market conditions have improved for buying a condo as an investment.

47 per cent of Vancouverites would invest in a condo, mainly for rental income. Vancouverites are most likely to consider raising their family in a condo. 13 per cent would consider buying a condo for their adult children – this figure is tied with Montreal for the highest in the country. The most common reason Vancouverites gave for buying a condo is affordability, with 45 per cent of residents citing that reason, vs 24 per cent nationwide.

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