Matthew Slutsky
May 10, 2010

Are you in the market for a new condo? Have you been told to “Register Now for a VIP Preview” or, heard that the “Grand Opening Continues,” or, maybe you have been told that it is the “Last Chance at Pre-Construction Pricing”?

Chances are that you have heard those saying. But, there is also a good chance that you’ve heard them so many times that they have just become white-noise.

Being at marketing meetings can be a really fun (and funny) experience. The meetings are full of amazing and intriguing characters. Blackjet Marketing has recently published a “BEHIND THE SCENES SPOOF” on these meetings, and characters, and ultimately created a funny criticism of some of the current marketing campaigns.

Check it out below, and check of Blackjet’s blog to read their interesting take on the future of marketing.

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