Matthew Slutsky
May 31, 2010

Recently the Globe and Mail ran an article, where they asked me about what buyers should know when buying a new condo. Below is a more in-depth review of my comments, and some additional pointers.

1. Ceiling Heights and Doors

When in the model-suite of a sales centre, check ceiling heights. Often model-suites have no ceilings, with blacked out space above, making the unit look larger than it actually is. Always ask the sales-agent where the ceiling line is. Oh yeah, also notice that there are no doors on any of the rooms? Also, ask which way they swing!

2. Standards vs. Upgrades

When in a model-suite, always ask what the upgrades are being shown. Builders are usually very good at letting people know what is an upgrade, and what is a standard, but if this information is not divulged, make sure you ask. Also, remember that hundred-of-thousands of dollars are spent on the sales-centres, so be sure that you LOVE the layout and not just the furniture inside.

3. Layouts

What size beds and furniture are shown in the layout? You may think that there is room for a queen size bed, but there might be a double in the layout!

4. Builder Reviews

Check the Tarion website to see if there are any infractions against the developer, also check JDPOWER’s survey on customer-care. Two great sources to check the history of a developer/builder. Don’t forget to ask your friends who have recently bought condos.

5. Amenity Maps

Amenity maps are often askew and not to scale. If not familiar with the area, make sure you check out the proximity to local amenities in person!

6. Renderings are an “artists interpretation”

Renderings are great and fun. But, remember.. they are an “artists interpretation”.

7. Check out the competition!

There is a LOT of new residential development in Canada. As such, be sure to check out what else is in the area… yes, I love tooting our own horn! So… Check the competition on BuzzBuzzHome.

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