Matthew Slutsky
May 14, 2010

From now to then I like to “clean up” the people that we are following on Twitter. The reality is that all the noise must be filtered, and the noise-makers must be cut.

I thought it would be interesting to share with you why I unfollow people, and see if you have any additional reasons why someone should be unfollowed. I should note that I recently cut 600 people, and but you may have been cut accidently… but, chances are there is a reason.

My Top 7 Reasons below…

1. You bore me: Enough said!

2. You send automatic DMs: Ugh. There is nothing more annoying than receiving automatic direct-message’s. To me it implies that you are not really interested in what I have to say and too busy to message me directly. Everytime I get an automatic DM, I get an email…. and, as you are too busy to personally mail me, then I am too busy to filter your junk.

3. You only retweet, and don’t post anything new: I like seeing the occasional re-tweet, but if your entire personality is based on copying other people, then I will find that information for myself. Thank you.

4. You are unprofessional: If you are telling me about all of the drinking binges that you go on, and all of your wild adventures at night, then you will be cut. If you spend your time bragging about your flights around the world, while I am stuck in my office, then you will be cut. I like getting interesting and engaging information from Twitter… if you are complaining about nothing, ranting about nothing, and just annoying, you will be cut.

5. You post too much: It is hard to keep up with everyone on Twitter, and if you are pumping out a post-a-minute, it creates way too much noise. Sorry. Gone.

6. You use programs to grow your Twitter followers: Too lazy to build your own following? This means that you are not interesting enough for people to follow you. Well… if you need a program to grow your followers, then I’m outta there.

7. You only talk about sports: I am sure a LOT of people are interested in what you have to say. Not @BuzzBuzzHome.

Know of any others? Please let us know.

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