May 15, 2010

Americans have taken an interest in Canada over the past year. Reason being that while real estate and the general economy has tanked in the US, it’s remained surprisingly resilient in Canada.

Some Americans are probably a bit annoyed (maybe envious) at how well Canada has fared during America’s economic crisis. For more on US ‘Housing Envy’, check out our article Americans Becoming Very Jealous of Canada.

For whatever reason, has now published an article, The Cheapest Canadian Cities To Buy A House. Here is what they’ve determined as the cheapest (btw this list could also be titled “last place I’d like to live in Canada, just kidding”):

1. Anywhere in New Brunswick
Provincial average home price is around $155,000.

2. Sydney and Cape Breton County, Nova Scotia
Average cost of a home in Sydney, the largest city on Cape Breton Island, is just $98,338.

3. Windsor, Ontario
Windsor is right by Detroit and has close ties to that cities dying automotive industry – houses in Windsor are cheap, averaging about $164,123.

4. Gatineau, Quebec
Popular place to buy a house for those working in Ottawa as its just on the other side of the border. Prices are approximately $100,000 lower than in Ottawa.

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