(Source: Vancouver Sun)

British Columbia’s real estate market eased into better balance over the first quarter of 2010, the B.C. Real Estate Association reported Tuesday.

Multiple Listing Service sales in March, at 7,110 units were 43-per-cent higher than in the same month a year ago when the market was just emerging from the downturn. But they were about 20-per-cent below December’s sales levels when seasonal factors are considered. Over the entire first quarter, B.C. saw 18,284 MLS sales, about 64-per-cent higher than the first quarter of 2009, which marked the start of B.C.’s recovery of sales.

“Since the beginning of the year, we’ve seen home sales moderate,” said Cameron Muir, B.C. Real Estate Association chief economist.

Read Derrick Penner’s full article “Real estate sales in B.C. level out” in the Vancouver Sun (April 14, 2010).

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