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One App to rule them all, One App to find them,
One App to bring them all and in the iPad bind them

Cliff Peskin

April, 3 2010

Online real estate companies across the world are working furiously at developing the first rocking real estate apps for the iPad. Question is, which app will be king, which app will rule all the others and be the world’s most downloaded and spoken about real estate app for the iPad?

The following is a look at the top four contenders:

4. PowerOne App

This just released iPad app is a financial and real estate calculator. The program has more than 50 built in calculations for mortgages, investing, finance, real estate, investing and conversions. A high powered algebraic and RPN calculator is also included.

Released by Oregon based Infinity Softworks, Inc, the app has the ability for users to program additional calculations, which makes this application infinitely expandable. The app has also been released for user of the iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

BBH Opinion: The only reason this app is a contender is that there are so few real estate apps for the iPad. It is highly unlikely, almost impossible, that Powerone App will take the top spot. Maybe a handy app though.

3. Apartment Guide App

The Apartment Guide App for iPad gives users the ability to search apartment listings from their iPad.

“Looking at our analytics from our Apartment Guide iPhone app, we saw that the majority of people preferred to see search results in a map view versus the default list view,” said David Quinlan, general manager, Emerging Technologies, Apartment Guide. “We applied this learning to our iPad App by taking advantage of the larger display size. iPad users will have more readable text and layout to also showcase apartment details.”

Apartment Guide launched the apartment industry’s first iPhone app in October 2008. As of March 23, 2010, it had over 460,000 downloads. It was also listed as a top 20, free utility app and was featured in one of Apple’s iPhone television commercials.

BBH Opinion: Hmmm. Looks okay from the pictures. Don’t think it stands much of a chance of taking the crown though.

2. ZipRealty iPad App

Yesterday, ZipRealty announced that a version of its popular iPhone and iPod Touch application will be available for the the iPad, on April 3.

The app let’s users see information on “for sale” and recently sold homes in more than 4,000 cities and neighborhoods across America.

The app also displays search results on Google Maps allowing users to see homes currently on the market as well as a comprehensive list of recently sold homes with sale prices.

Additional iPad app features include:

Home price estimates as reported by Cyberhomes and eppraisal
An opportunity for the user to provide direct feedback on the application to ZipRealty via the Feedback tab
The ability to contact a ZipRealty agent in one click

BBH Opinion: American home shoppers love ZipRealty. This app stands a chance.

1. Zillow on iPad App

Big papa real estate web site announced yesterday that its Zillow on iPad App is available on the App Store. The app presents users with homes for sale, homes for rent, home values, photos, home details and historical data on 95 million U.S. homes on a stunning screen while mobile.

The Zillow on iPad app allows users to:

Quickly search and browse cities and neighborhoods on a large touch-screen map with information on all homes, including those for sale or for rent, using landscape or portrait mode. Alongside the map, users can flick through photos of a home, or multiple homes, all from one simple, interactive interface.

Window-shop the neighborhood – In addition to map-based searching, Zillow built a brand new shopping interface, completely unique to the iPad, which starts with photos. View large images of multiple homes side-by-side; quickly flick through preview photos of one home versus another, or pick a home and browse large, nearly full screen images on the iPad’s high resolution display. Drag and drop homes into a personal favorites section for easy access. Favorite homes can be synced with and the Zillow iPhone App for later viewing.

BBH Opinion: Zillow is the third most popular real estate website in the United States. They know how to make their products ‘sticky’. If we were a betting company, we’d place our money on this Zillow App – an app that In the Land of Online Real Estate where the Listings lie, may rule them all.

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